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Internet Starter Kit

This PDF e-Book Guide features a compilation of online resources and custom text to offer a more detailed overview of the Internet and computing, with a segment on social media for personal and business use, and reviews the considerations one must have before taking a business online. Originally offered in conjunction with the annual Digital Learning Day (February). Suitable for the technically proficient. Free Adobe PDF Reader required to view the document.


Download the viNGN Internet Starter Kit e-Book Guide, to read and review chapters on –

  • Getting Around on the Internet
    • What makes up the World Wide Web
    • Getting connected and Internet sharing
    • Secured web sites
  • The Basics of Email
    • Choosing a free or managed Email service
    • Using Email more safely
    • Basics of Email communication
  • Staying Safe on the Internet
    • Free and paid Internet security
    • The Dark Web
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Web sites and Blogs
    • Key differences between blogs and websites
    • Domains and hosting
    • Do it yourself or hire a webmaster?
  • Getting Social (or Professional) Online
    • Social media profile – personal or business?
    • 7 steps to taking your business online
    • Search Engine Optimization

Then, test yourself to see how much you’ve learned! Pass with 80% or better to earn a certificate. This certificate is not good for academic credit, but it will signify to you that you have become more familiar with technology and better prepared for formal or advanced business and technology studies.

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